IASC Strategic Report

The Strategic Report 2013-2014 showcases the work of the Institute over the past year.
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The Hedgehog Review

The Hedgehog ReviewCurrent Issue

The Body in Question

Our bodies, ourselves? In one sense, of course. But the things we now do to our bodies and the ways we attempt to perfect or transcend them suggest new, if not fully articulated, conceptions of the human person and the ends and purposes of human existence.

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THR Blog

Recommended Reading: “A Conversation With Mark Noll”

Dan Turello interviews Mark Knoll for the Kluge Center. | Read post >>>

The Infernal Machine

79 Theses on Technology:
Of Techniques and "Technology"

If you listen to the machine telling you how to get out of it you only get sucked into it more, like a con artist that lulls you into trust by telling you he is conning you. The promised liberation from technology is usually just another technology that you don’t recognize as such. This is one reason why a fuller appreciation of our diverse techniques is so vital. | Read post >>>

Common Place

Who Is the Smart City for?

In India's rush to transform, build, and even engineer entire new cities, critics are right to raise concerns about citizenship and access. | Read post >>>

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9 October 2015

| Wine + Cheese

14 October 2015

| Afternoon Tea

"How We Got Here – Historical"

21 October 2015

| Reading Group

"Beyond Church and State: Democracy, Secularism, and Conversion"

30 October 2015

Matthew Scherer (George Mason University) | Seminar

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Joshua Tom

Featured Fellow

Joshua Tom

Postdoctoral Fellow

Joshua Tom earned his PhD in Sociology from Baylor University in 2015, completing a dissertation examining the intersections of religion with interracial marriage. His primary research interests revolve around culture and religion, race and ethnicity, and marriage and family, as well as the ways these institutions have changed over time. He is also currently working on the National Survey portion of the Institute’s Moral Foundations of Education Project. His work has appeared in Social Science Research. Joshua was raised in Seattle and received his undergraduate...

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The Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture is an interdisciplinary research center and intellectual community at the University of Virginia committed to understanding contemporary cultural change and its individual and social consequences, training young scholars, and providing intellectual leadership in service to the public good.

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