About Us

The Hedgehog Review is published by the Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture at the University of Virginia and appears three times a year in print and digital formats.  Its THR blog is designed to sustain the conversation between the fall, spring, and summer issues by providing an outlet for timely critical reflections on the dynamics and expressions of cultural change in America and the wider world.

Drawing on the disciplinary approaches of cultural sociology and anthropology, history, philosophy, and religious studies and the work of public intellectuals as well as academy-based scholars, THR, like The Hedgehog Review, seeks to provide rigor and balance in making sense of the institutions and forces that shape us. Our writers include The Hedgehog Review editors, Institute fellows and faculty, and an ever-growing network of thinkers who share our interests.

We hope you will join in our conversation online and on Twitter and Facebook, sharing our commitment to the humane pursuit of truth in support of the common good.

THR editors