The Hedgehog Review

The Hedgehog Review

Intellectuals and Public Responsibility

The Hedgehog ReviewVol. 9, No. 1 (Spring 2007)


The Twilight of the Intellectuals

Richard Wolin

What John Dewey Learned: A Contemporary Reflection on Intellectual Responsibility

Jeffrey C. Isaac

The Democrat-Skeptic Reads Cardinal Ratzinger: Democracy between Relativism and the Absolute

Adam Michnik

The Intellectual’s Responsibilities

John McGowan

Prospero among the Neoconservatives: The Temptations of Political Powerlessness

Donna Dickenson

Identity, Masochism, and the Democratic Intellectual in the War on Terror

John Michael

Interview with Cornel West


Stefan Collini’s Absent Minds

Charles F. Gattone’s The Social Scientist as Public Intellectual

Bibliographic Review on Intellectuals and Public Responsibility

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Published three times a year by the Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture, The Hedgehog Review offers critical reflections on contemporary culture—how we shape it, and how it shapes us.

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