The Hedgehog Review

The Hedgehog Review

Does Religious Pluralism Require Secularism?

The Hedgehog ReviewVol. 12, No. 3 (Fall 2010)

From the Editors


States, Religious Diversity, and the Crisis of Secularism

Rajeev Bhargava

The Meaning of Secularism

Charles Taylor

Rethinking Secularism

Craig Calhoun

Secularism: A Bibliographic Essay

Slavica Jakelić


Why a Hyper-Polarized Party System Weakens America’s Democracy

William Galston

Polarization and the Crisis of Legitimacy

James Davison Hunter

The Myth of a Non-Polarized America

Carl Desportes Bowman

The Long-Term Unemployed

Non-Public Opinion: Adorno and the Frankfurt School’s Group Experiment

Jeffrey K. Olick and Andrew J. Perrin

Recess Coaches


Amartya Sen’s The Idea of Justice

Reviewed by Daniel Philpott

Claude S. Fischer’s Made in America: A Social History of American Culture and Character

Reviewed by James M. Jasper

Jon Elster’s Alexis de Tocqueville: The First Social Scientist

Reviewed by Charles Kromkowski

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