The Hedgehog Review

The Hedgehog Review

The Meaning of Cities

The Hedgehog ReviewVol. 19, No. 2 (Summer 2017)

From the Editor


The Last Association Standing

James Poulos

Big Promises, Unfulfilled Expectations

Joseph E. Davis

This Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Anahata Lovegood

The Meaning of Cities

Saving the Soul of the Smart City

Joshua J. Yates

The New Urban Agenda and the Limits of Cities

Noah J. Toly

Next-Door Strangers: The Crisis of Urban Anonymity

Marc J. Dunkelman

Cosmopolitanism vs. Provincialism: How the Politics of Place Hurts America

Nancy Isenberg and Andrew Burstein


The Metaphysics of the Hangover

Mark Edmundson

The Ideology of Anti-Ideology (Plus Cartoons and Selected Short Subjects)

Donald Dewey

Animal Spirits and the Vitalist Currents in Modernity

Jackson Lears


Habermas: A Biography by Stefan Müller-Doohm

Reviewed by Charles Mathewes

Toward Democracy by James T. Kloppenberg

Reviewed by Jeff Guhin

The Death of Expertise by Tom Nichols

Reviewed by Chad Wellmon

Unwanted Advances by Laura Kipnis

Reviewed by B.D. McClay

The Storyteller: Tales out of Loneliness by Walter Benjamin

Reviewed by Nathan Goldman



Wilfred M. McClay

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