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The Evening of Life

Fall 2018 (20.3)

The “evening of life,” as Kierkegaard dubbed life’s closing chapter, is not a stage that we Americans are particularly well disposed to handle. In a culture that celebrates youth and vitality as the summum bonum, old age and its attendant frailties seem more like shameful system failures than inevitable realities from which we might learn. It need not be this way. In this issue, we address aging and dying from a number of vantage points: socio-economic, personal, literary, and medical—all with the aim of recovering the meaning and value of life in its twilight hours.

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Identities—What Are They Good for?

The Hedgehog ReviewSummer 2018 (20.2)

Are there more commodious forms of identity, including a rekindled and truly civic nationalism, that can bring not just tolerance but a sense of mutuality across some of the most politically heated identity divides? It is an irony—perhaps even a tragic one—that the only way out of the identity trap is through it. How we negotiate that irony is one of the distinctive challenges of our modern condition.

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The Human and the Digital

The Hedgehog ReviewSpring 2018 (20.1)

Are we ready for digitopia? What we might be risking when we opt for, or succumb to, the ease, efficiency, and beguilements of online life? Many claim that the digitally enhanced life extends the capacities and potentials of the human being. But growing evidence suggests that such a regime may distort or diminish what makes us human.

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The Tragedy of Liberalism

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