Faith in the City: Part III, City Soul—An Interview with Cardus’ Milton Friesen

Religious institutions in their varied forms are to the social fabric of cities what swamps and bogs are to the ecological landscape. Cities that are serious about attending to the various social challenges in their communities cannot afford to be snobbish about a scarce resource.

Faith in the City: Part II, Will the New Urban Evangelical Change Cities?

Will the new urban evangelical movement make a lasting impact on cities? The real test will be in whether evangelicals consistently partner with Christians across the traditions who, unlike many evangelicals, stayed in the inner city and consistently maintained ministries to the urban poor.

Faith in the City: Part I, The Evangelicals are Coming!

There is a movement afoot among evangelical Christians that may not only surprise you but might also signal one of the biggest shifts in their orientation for at least a generation. Evangelicals are coming back to the city.

The Role of Faith Communities in the Flourishing City

This entry is part of Common Place’s  Faith in the City series. View image |   Faith communities, their ministries and programs, and their congregants play a vital role in the health and vibrancy of our cities. These communities are full of people who want to contribute to their city’s success and flourishing. After all, charity toward […]