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Too Much Information

Spring 2015 (17.1)

The benefits of an ever-more networked environment are powerful: connectedness, efficiency, and instant access to information. But we may be losing more than our privacy in the digitized info-sphere, including the autonomy and creativity we think it enables.

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Thinking About the Poor

The Hedgehog ReviewFall 2014 (16.3)

What is life like inside the social safety net? How does it feel to fall from the middle class into poverty? Are the poor becoming increasingly invisible to the rest of society? In a year marking the fiftieth anniversary of the launch of the War on Poverty, we devote our fall issue to how we think about the poor.

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Minding Our Minds

The Hedgehog ReviewSummer 2014 (16.2)

Distracted? Having problems focusing? Overwhelmed by emails, texts, and tweets? In “Minding Our Minds,” our editors and writers examine the increasingly parlous state of our minds in the face of the information age’s relentless barrage of media and messages. More than simply a psychological or neurological manifestation, our ability—or inability—to pay attention is a symptom of a larger cultural phenomenon.

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From our Recent Issues

From Fall 2014 (16.3)


“Like a lot of other people, I started life comfortably middle-class, maybe upper-middle class; now, like a lot of other people walking the streets of America today, I am poor. To put it directly, I have no money.” | Read article >>>

From Summer 2014 (16.2)

How We Lost Our Attention

“We are living through a cultural crisis of attention that is now widely remarked upon, usually in the context of some complaint or other about technology. As our mental lives become more fragmented, what is at stake seems to be nothing less than the question of whether one can maintain a coherent self.” | Read article >>>

From Fall 2014 (16.3)

The Emptiness of Modern Economics: Why the Dismal Science Needs a Richer Moral Anthropology

“I learned that Adam Smith is only infrequently addressed in religious ethics, and even then largely in the narrow terms used by most economists—that is to say, in language that I think misses or obscures critical parts of what Smith was doing.” | Read article >>>

From Fall 2014 (16.3)

The Great War and the Future of Progress

“The idea of progress in history—the liberating song of the Enlightenment, the grand choral ode of the nineteenth century, the marching music central to the rise and dominance of the modern West—has gradually become problematic to us.” | Read article >>>

From Fall 2013 (15.3)

Terror and Art: A Meditation

“Yet when I recall that terrorism has not prevented the witness of so many great writers of the present age, how strongly and justly they have made us understand its impact, I remain convinced that even if the ethos surrounding the appreciation of literature has deteriorated, it has not touched the core of literature itself.” | Read article >>>


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The Hedgehog’s Array: May 22, 2015

Noteworthy reads from the last week. | Read post >>>

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Beyond the Reveal: A Metaphor’s Effect

Maybe, by structuring our engagement with the experience of Facebook’s opaque processes through the black box metaphor, we’ve set ourselves up to construct a new black box, and ignored the ways in which our relations to others, within and without the present system, have been changed by our newfound awareness. | Read post >>>

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Who Is the Smart City for?

In India's rush to transform, build, and even engineer entire new cities, critics are right to raise concerns about citizenship and access. | Read post >>>

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