IASC Strategic Update

The Strategic Update 2014-2015 showcases the work of the Institute over the past year.
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The Hedgehog Review

The Hedgehog ReviewCurrent Issue


Re-enchantment: What is it? Who wants it? Max Weber used the German word Entzauberung (the elimination of magic) when he introduced the concept of disenchantment in his seminal 1917 lecture, “Science as a Vocation.” But what Weber meant was never exactly clear. Elusive as it is, Weber’s concept has generally been taken to mean the displacement of the numinous (including, but not restricted to, orthodox belief) by the powers of reason and science, the so-called “rationalization” of the world. But if the world truly became disenchanted—a subject of some debate—are we now witnessing a kind of re-enchantment?

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"How We Got Here – Sociological/Epistemological"

2 December 2015

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“The Fate of Journalism in the New Media Era”

3 December 2015

Jill Abramson & Franklin Foer | Public Lecture & Panel

IASC Holiday Gathering

9 December 2015

| Holiday Gathering

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Ned O'Gorman

Featured Fellow

Ned O'Gorman

Visiting Faculty Fellow

Ned O’Gorman is Associate Professor in the Department of Communication and Conrad Humanities Scholar in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. He writes in and across several different areas: history of rhetoric (in practice and in theory), political thought/theory, aesthetics, media and technology studies, and the digital humanities.

His work, which is historical and philosophical in orientation, focuses on the intersections among rhetoric, political thought, and media (more like mediation, or "mediality”), especially in two revolutionary ages,...

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The Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture is an interdisciplinary research center and intellectual community at the University of Virginia committed to understanding contemporary cultural change and its individual and social consequences, training young scholars, and providing intellectual leadership in service to the public good.

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